Atlas Bear is an Indonesian-based global e-sport team.

“At the core of the team is our talented professional gamers. Our players represent Atlas Bear in major international events annually, competing to win, as they continue to entertain audiences around the globe."

Atlas Bear aims to identify the next “star” in the esport world. Because we believe that ambitious players with big potentials deserve a spotlight in the global esport scene, we actively look for players who are passionate, skillful and resilient and give them a unique yet equal opportunity to compete. Atlas Bear takes pride in grooming and partnering with our players in their zero-to-hero journey.

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Benoit Arquilla
  |  Street Fighter

Gunfight started playing fighting games since he was only fifteen years old. He began competing in tournaments in 2009 and has built a reputation for himself by playing Dudley in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. He has won may tournaments in Europe and qualified international events such as Capcom 25th Anniversary Tournament held in San Francisco in 2012 and Super Battle Opera (also known as Tougeki) in the same year. Since 2013, Gunfight is based in Japan and is currently focussing on Street Fighter V, where he uses Alex as his main character. Gunfight speaks fluent English, Japanese and French.


Chung Gon Lee
  |  Street Fighter

Poongko has been playing games since he was only six years old and have taken the sport seriously when he turned 10. He plays a variety of games, but his main fighting game is Street Fighter V. He aims to win in world tournaments by playing his character, Kolin.


Hiroki Assano
  |  Street Fighter

Kichipa-mu started playing fighting games with Street Fighter IV and have begun competing in tournaments with Street Fighter V. He is a young and ambitious player with a very heavy read play style. He is an expert in hard reading his opponent’s next move and performing a counter move. His trademark are big bodied characters and his performance with Zangief throughout 2017 have put him in the global spotlight. He is a humble yet expressive player who is loved by the community, but his highlight is his hunger to improve and his ambition to be the best player in the world.


Kubo Arashi
  |  Street Fighter

Kubo began playing fighting games at fifteen, but has only begun training and competing professionally with the release of Street Fighter IV. He is famous for using big bodied characters and has built a reputation for his character Hugo on Ultra Street Fighter IV. However, since 2017, he has been using Abigail as his main character. Kubo is likable for his friendliness and his never-ending smiles as he plays. He is a skillful and resilient player with an ambition in Street Fighter V to qualify and win the Capcom Cup!


Quah Ban Chuan
  |  Street Fighter

Chuan is a longtime veteran and high impact tournament performer in Southeast Asian tournaments. From KoF to Half-Life to DDR, Chuan has a long history of being a strong competitor in a variety of titles. In Street Fighter, he had many strong performances using Guile in the Southeast Asian tournament scene.