Team Atlas Bear signs Gunfight, Poongko, Kichipa-mu and StormKUBO
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Team Atlas Bear signs Gunfight, Poongko, Kichipa-mu and StormKUBO

Atlas Bear announces the signing of new Street Fighter V players in the fighting game community. Atlas Bear is an esport team started by Indonesian entrepreneur, Kevin Mintaraga. Following his partnership with Benoit “Gunfight” Arquilla, the team now signs Poongko, Gunfight, Kichipa-mu and StormKUBO into their Street Fighter V roster.

Kevin and Benoit share the same vision on establishing a global e-sport team. “We want to enlist players with big ambitions and huge potential, but are not yet exposed to the global e-sport scene. We want to give them a chance to gain worldwide recognition and we’re excited for what they can do,” says Kevin.

Benoit “Gunfight” says that the team decided to approach Poongko, Kichipa-mu and StormKUBO because they fit into the vision they share for Atlas Bear. “They are young, they’re growing at exponential rate, and they have gained recognisable experience in the last couple of years. Poongko is a fighting game veteran with numerous achievements, StormKUBO is one of the world’s best Abigail player and Kichipa-mu is famous for his hard read Zangief gameplay. More importantly, they share the same passion and ambition that Kevin and I have for the team. I am excited by this move and I cannot wait to see the game they will bring to the FGC scene.”

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