Team Atlas Bear on the Road: Fighter's Spirit 2018 and Saigon Cup
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Team Atlas Bear on the Road: Fighter's Spirit 2018 and Saigon Cup

With this year's changes to the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) ranking system, ranking events have become more difficult to make significant point gains through. This is especially brutal in the case of the Southeast Asian (SEA) tournaments, where player density and average skill is so high. That said, Team Atlas Bear and its players, Gunfight, Poongko, StormKubo and Kichipa-mu, are never ones to run from a challenge. If the goal is to qualify for Capcom Cup, then this is the path we must traverse.

On April 15, 2018, Kichipa-mu, Poongko, and StormKubo traveled to Seoul for the Fighter's Spirit 2018 CPT 2018 ranking event. With over 179 entrants (including many other professional players), this was a highly competitive ranking tournament (even by normal CPT standards).

Nonetheless, our players fought hard, with StormKubo eventually qualifying for top 8. After an impressive win over DetonatioN Itabashi Zangief in pools, he suffered a loss to Fudoh| Fujimura in top 16, but was able to recover and defeat Jyobin in loser's in order to qualify for top 8 on loser's side.

His first match in top 8 was against UYU| NL, a very strong Korean Cammy player. This was a close victory against a top competitor on the CPT Asia circuit. After his victory, he moved on to face Echofox|Momochi. Although it was a good fight, StormKubo fell, landing a 5th place finish.

StormKubo - 5th place - 10 CPT Points added to his 110 on the CPT Global leaderboard (and 10 regional points)

Kichipa-mu - 33rd

Poongko - 49th

The next stop on the SEA CPT ranking event schedule was Vietnam's Saigon Cup. This would be one of the first CPT 2018 events where the entire roster of Team Atlas Bear would travel to compete. This ranking event was a little on the smaller side, but they ran two different events: a 3v3 SFV team tournament on Saturday, and the official singles CPT tournament on Sunday.

For the team tournament, Kichipa-mu, Poongko, and StormKubo made up Team Atlas Bear. Gunfight joined Fursan | Verloren and BBYongBByong. In a show of force, Team Atlas Bear won the team tournament over Team UYU, and Gunfight's team also got a 5th place finish! Poongko also got top 4 in the Tekken 7 tournament!

In the singles tournament, Poongko and StormKubo qualified for top 16 on loser's side, after falling to Cygames Beast| Fuudo and Talon| Denesis respectively. In top 16, StormKubo fell to Fudoh|Haitani and Poongko lost to Talon|Hotdog, ending Team Atlas Bear's run at the Saigon Cup.

Poongko - 9th

StormKubo- 13th

Kichipa-mu - 17th

Gunfight - 25th

With these two ranking events under our belt, we set our sights on May, where we will take part in the EU CPT global premier, Stunfest, in France. Our players will be practicing hard, so look forward to a big performance from Team Atlas Bear!

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