Bonjour and Au Revoir: Team Atlas Bear at the Red Bull Kumite Qualifiers and Stunfest 2018
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Bonjour and Au Revoir: Team Atlas Bear at the Red Bull Kumite Qualifie...

Team Atlas Bear has been on the move this month, with its players primarily focusing their attention on the Capcom Pro Tour Premier event, Stunfest, as well as the Red Bull Kumite Qualifiers for the Japan region

May 13th marked the end of nearly a month's worth of qualifying tournaments and events for the Red Bull Kumite Japan Region Qualifier. Team Atlas Bear's own StormKubo and Kichipa-mu had their eyes set on this prize, a chance to represent Japan at the RedBull Kumite in France later this year. Thus, they attended earlier qualifying rounds to try to lock up seeds for the Japan region grand final.

During the preliminary qualifier tournament for the Touhoku region (Northeast Japan), StormKubo made it to the finals, losing to Haku (Guile). While it was crushing to get 2nd place at a qualifier where only the winner moves on to the final stage, StormKubo would get his second chance at the Tokai region (Central Japan) qualifier, where he would face Yamaguchi, Haku's teammate, in the grand finals. It was a close set, but StormKubo managed to pull through, and got himself a seed at the Red Bull Kumite Japan qualifier grand final.

Kichipa-mu also did his best to qualify through the Kyushu qualifier (South Japan), but came up short. Fortunately, he too would have another opportunity at the Last Chance Qualifier in Tokyo, the day before the grand final event. There, he would secure several wins in pools before falling to Team Liquid's John Takeuchi, ending Kichipa-mu's Red Bull Kumite Japan qualifier campaign.

For the grand final, the format changed to a double elimination 8-man bracket. StormKubo's first opponent was young Birdie expert, Trashbox. StormKubo was able to decisively win the set to move on and face one of the top ranked players in the world at the moment, Fudoh|Fujimura. After a hard fight, StormKubo fell to Fujimura. In his first match on loser's side, he faced Gunyan.

With his stylish win over Gunyan, StormKubo then moved on to face Haku. Despite his Guile matchup training since their first encounter at the Tohoku region qualifier, it wasn't enough. Through Kichipa-mu's progress, and Kubo's 4th place finish at the Red Bull Kumite Japan qualifier grand final, Team Atlas Bear re-established itself as a big threat in the JP region for SFV play.

The next stop on the Capcom Pro Tour for Team Atlas Bear was Stunfest. As one of the few European CPT Global Premier tournaments, this tournament is a golden opportunity for on the road experience, and for global ranking points. Taking place in Rennes, France, this is also one of the most reputable EU region tournaments. This would also mark another occasion for all members of Team Atlas Bear to compete together on a big stage! We must also consider the value this tournament holds for our resident Frenchman, Gunfight, because it offers the chance for him to perform on his home turf!

For Gunfight, Poongko, and Kichipa-mu, this tournament played out similarly for all 3 players in the pool phase. Although they all made it to the top 4 of their respective pools, each player lost in double jeopardy matchups at the end. As a consolation, Poongko managed to win the Capcom vs. SNK 2 side tournament!

StormKubo was able to qualify for top 32 on winner's side from a highly competitive pool defeating Apollo Steed and Scarz|Sako.

After qualifying, he faced UYU|NL and Fudoh|Fuudo in top 32. Although he fell to them, he delivered some exciting matches against some of the top competition from Asia, and landed at 17th place, earning himself 20 global ranking points. This brought his global ranking point total to 140 points, placing him at 24th on the CPT global leaderboard.

While Poongko will be making an appearance at Combo Breaker, you can catch the rest of the Team Atlas Bear crew on the road next time in Florida, USA for CEO! In the meantime, look forward to some events and gatherings we will participate in locally in Tokyo!

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