Team Atlas Bear on the Road: Summer 2018 CPT
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Team Atlas Bear on the Road: Summer 2018 CPT

Howdy folks! Since the last time we checked in, Team Atlas Bear has been hard at work in America, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The Capcom Pro Tour 2018 point grind has started to really heat up in Southeast Asia, as we head into EVO and the barrage of Premiers that come after.

First on the list is CEO, which took place at the end of June. Being a premier event, there were a lot of points up for grabs. Kichipa-mu and Poongko had great success at this event, both of them placing in the top 32. Poongko posted wins over two top European competitors, Luffy and Akainu, while Kichipa-mu took down Big Bird and Ricki Ortiz. Poongko earned 40 global ranking points, and Kichipa-mu added 10 points to his global ranking total.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Team Atlas Bear partnered with ButtonmashersJP to run a Nakano Street Battle event. The winner was promised travel support to an Asian CPT Premier event later this year. With over 80 competitors signed up, the tournament came down to a showdown between Nishikin (Blanka) and Iori (Ken).

With Nishikin’s win, he secured himself a Team Atlas Bear partnered trip to the CPT Taiwan Premier later this year! We look forward to seeing how he performs with such a rare character in this season’s balance!

The following ranking event was Abuget Cup, a premier event for the Indonesian Fighting Game Community. This CPT ranking event boasted heavy competition and brutal brackets featuring a lot of high ranking players from all over Southeast Asia. Many believe this was one of the toughest ranking events on the calendar for the Asia region (and debatably, globally). Despite the competition level, 5…yes…5 Team Atlas Bear members qualified for top 16, with 3 of them moving on to top 8. This wasn’t just a great debut for our newest member, Chuan, it was an awesome weekend performance for Team Atlas Bear as a whole. Kichipa-mu finished in 3rd place, adding 40 points to his ranking total, Chuan finished at 5th and added 10 points to his total, while Poongko tied for 7th and got 1 point.

StormKUBO returned home to Japan to continue representing Team Atlas Bear alongside Nemo and Kazunoko in the RAGE SFV: All Star Battle. This month, Team Nemo aurora won 2 of their 3 matches to improve their record to 4 wins and 4 losses. They still have a chance to finish in the top 3 teams, and play in the finals! StormKUBO, until now, has actually been one of the top overall performs in the league.

Finally, StormKUBO and Chuan traveled to Malaysia to participate in the FVxSEAMalaysia 2018 Cup CPT Ranking event. This was another high level ranking event that featured highly ranked players on the Asian circuit, but Chuan and StormKUBO both managed to finish in the top 12. StormKUBO finished at 7th place, earning 1 point for his global ranking total.

The next events for Team Atlas Bear are the final RAGE SFV: All Star Battle events, and of course, EVO World 2018. Thanks for continuing to support us, and we will see you there!

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